Community Pharmacies of Indiana, Inc., ("CPI") was established in 1993 after a group of pharmacy owners met to discuss changing prescription drug plans in the state. One of CPI's main goals as an organization is to promote pharmacy as a profession and the role of the community retail pharmacy in the American concept of free enterprise by maintaining freedom of choice of pharmacy to all citizens of the state.

In addition, we have maintained vigilance in the administrative, legislative, and government affairs affecting the practice of retail pharmacy in the interest of the public welfare and to assure professional control of the pharmacy by pharmacists. To do all of this, CPI works closely with the Indiana General Assembly to ensure that the remaining community pharmacies in Indiana survive and thrive. We are the voice of community pharmacies in Indiana.

Nearly 165  independently-owned pharmacies are on CPI's membership list. Find a CPI member by clicking on the "Locate a Pharmacy" link above.

Dear Independent Pharmacists & Visitors:

Welcome to Community Pharmacies of Indiana (CPI) web site!  CPI designed this site to serve independent pharmacists and consumers.  

Community Pharmacies of Indiana (CPI) was established in 1993. One of CPI's main goals as an organization is to promote pharmacy as a profession and the role of the community retail pharmacy. 

This web site includes some of the following links:
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Please use the “Contact Us” link to send comments or suggestions to CPI staff and board members. 

Nathan Gabhart, President
Community Pharmacies of Indiana

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2015  Meeting Dates
April 23, 2015

Meetings typically begin at 9:30 a.m. with an Executive Session for Board members; 10:30 a.m. open to the public.

Pharmacy Records Audit Act - Indiana
  Click here to download the "Pharmacy Records Audit" (House Enrolled Act).

Pharmacy Audit Bill Summary
Audit Bill Summary

Independent Pharmacy Today

bullet 23,029 independent community pharmacies nationwide
bullet $88.7 billion marketplace

Independent pharmacies offer a wide range of patient services: Immunizations (61%), delivery (77%), durable medical goods (61%), diabetes training (39%), blood pressure monitoring (57%), and compounding (63%)


Average pharmacy sales: $3.854 million


Average number of prescriptions per pharmacy: 62,583  annually, or 201 prescriptions per day *


Source: 2013 NCPA Digest



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